Discover the exotic flowers of OrcaExotics

Get to know OrcaExotics, a new addition to the well-known Orca label. With a beautiful selection of exotic flowers mainly from South Africa, OrcaExotics is an exclusive brand of Adomex. The brand is a must-have for flower professionals who value reliability and superior quality. 

From magnificent South Africa

The success of OrcaGreen led Adomex to expand its Orca label by adding OrcaExotics. This brand offers a selection of exotic flowers that grow wild in the magnificent landscapes of South Africa’s Cape Provinces. This region is renowned for its rich and varied native flora, collectively known as ‘Fynbos’ – a name that originates from an Old Dutch term meaning ‘fine bush’. It doesn’t mean one single bush, but encapsulates a particular type of vegetation in the same way as the term ‘forest’. Our exotic flowers are tangible proof of the special beauty of this flower-rich area. They are now grown all over the world, including, naturally, in South Africa. The South African native flowers delivered by Adomex are of an excellent quality and are available in various sizes and packaging.

A constant supply of high quality

Adomex selects its growers and suppliers with care and builds-up strong relationships with them. This enables a constant supply of exotic flowers of a consistently high quality to be guaranteed. The flowers are, indeed, supplied with the orca logo: A favourite choice of wholesalers and florists who want to stand out with a unique and high-quality range.



Cape Greens

Rich and varied Cape Greens

Cape Greens is a unique mix of vegetation that is only found in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. The area is renowned for its magnificent scenery and rich biodiversity. The collective name Cape Greens encompasses various species each with its own characteristics and charm.

With OrcaExotics Adomex offers Cape Greens in varieties such as Albiflora green, Berzelia, Brunia Silver, Brunia Red, Platystar, Leucadendron Tortum, Plumosum, Erica and in mixed bunches with stem lengths varying from 40 to 50 centimetres. Our Cape Greens are harvested by the local population under strict supervision and then processed for export.

Adomex supplies its Cape Greens all year round, but the offering and diversity are greatest from September to December. Cape Greens are often used in floral arrangements and decorations due to their interesting texture, form, colour and long shelf life. The exotics are ideal for use in Christmas bouquets. For example, Leucadendron Tortum is available in shades of silver and red, while the buds of Brunia Silver look like little snowballs.


Warm and versatile Leucadendron

Leucadendron, a member of the Proteaceae-family from South Africa, is an eye-catching exotic flowering plant with distinctive colourful cone-shaped leaves. The buds of every one of the around 80 varieties in the Leucadendron genus differ in colour, shape and size. It is interesting to know that the versatile Leucadendron is dioecious, which means male and female flowers are borne on separate plants.

The OrcaExotics range includes a beautiful collection of Leucadendrons for every occasion. Adomex imports its Leucadendron from all over the world. Thanks to an active breeding programme more and more varieties tuned to the current demand are coming onto the market, including beautiful varieties that are perfect for the Christmas period.

Leucadendron offers countless possibilities for constructing creative arrangements. The colourful varieties flower for a long period, which makes them very popular with florists and floral designers. The exotics add warmth and depth to every floral arrangement and can be used both as fresh flowers and in dried-flower bouquets.


Colourful and exuberant Leucospermum

Leucospermum is known by many people as Nutan, or the descriptive name ‘Pincushions’. These remarkable South Africa shrubs are a member of the Proteaceae family. They have heart-shaped leaves and eye-catching ‘flowers’ that, as the common name suggests, look like pincushions. The pincushions are, in fact, not one flower but rather exuberant and enthusiastic clusters of needle-like flowers on a common base. The sturdy, upright-growing leaves grow along the stem and are covered in a thin waxy coating that protects the leaves from the salty South African sea breeze. The Leucospermum genus includes around 50 species all with their own unique beauty and all having bright flowers in colours varying from yellow, orange and red to pink.

Adomex supplies its cultivated Leucospermum in stem lengths varying from 30 to 70 centimetres. In South Africa they are harvested from June to November and in the northern hemisphere from February to May. The plants are in full flower production from their third year and will go on producing flowers for eight to ten years. Thanks to an active breeding programme more and more varieties and colours of Leucospermum are coming onto the market.

Leucospermum is a unique addition to every floral arrangement. The exotic flowers have an impressively-long vase life and are available in various colours. Originally Adomex offered Leucospermum in orange. Now they are also available in ochre yellow, lemon yellow and a reddish tint.


Robust and mysterious Protea

The Protea is a symbol of beauty and diversity, the national flower of South Africa and the centrepiece of the ‘Fynbos’ – the biodiverse vegetation that is unique to the Cape region. Proteas are members of the Proteaceae family. This plant family includes over 1,600 species of which over 300 come under the Protea. This explains the great diversity in shape, size and colour. Proteas have a robust beauty with sturdy flower stems, a mysterious heart (the flower) and often hairy bracts that vary in colour from light to dark pink and coral with white and orangey-yellow around the flower.

Proteas love a subtropical to tropical climate with warm, sunny days and cool nights. Growing Proteas takes a lot of time. This means that producing a new variety by cross-breeding can take 10 to 15 years. As some varieties of Protea only produce flowers every other year, achieving a continuous supply requires careful management by the grower.

To ensure all year round availability Adomex imports its Proteas not only from South Africa but also from Portugal and other areas. Proteas are a favourite throughout the global flower industry due to their amazing appearance. The eye-catching, fragrance-free flowers give an exotic twist to bouquets, floral arrangements and floral decorations for events, but will also shine as a soloists when stood in an attractive vase.

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