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Decoratieve afbeelding

An endless range

Adomex International is specialist in the import and export of all types of cut and decoration green. We supply all popular and exclusive types of decoration green to everyone’s wishes and needs. Our specialists regularly travel to various countries to share their knowledge and experience with suppliers.

The purchasing team is in daily contact with growers and suppliers of decoration green. Some of them produce exclusively for Adomex. An assortment classification has been created to make it as easy as possible for you.




Aspidistra, or Aspidistra elatior

Chico boeket

Chico Jumbo

Chico Jumbo

Cinerea struiken


Eucalyptus cinerea

Leatherleaf Fern


Leatherleaf, or Arachniodes adiantiformis

Decoratieve achtergrond Decoratieve achtergrond


the ADOMEX webshop

  • Find a broad and diverse assortment of beautiful decoration green 
  • Adomex offers more then cut and decoration green. We also provide preserved and painted products and natural decoration articles
  • The webshop works on all devices and is very user-friendly
  • Become a customer to get access to our webshop
  • When you already are a Adomex customer you can log in automatically and start buying
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Your supplier of decoration green

Adomex was the first company in the Netherlands that specialised in the decoration green market. We have experienced the developments from close up and made an important contribution. Decoration green is currently a serious product group within the flower growing trade. Adomex was founded in 1977. What started out small has grown to become a respected name in the industry. Our selection has expanded dramatically over the years and our organisation can be characterised as very modern and professional.

What can you expect:

  • Decoration green, for everyone’s wish and need
  • Broad assortment of decoration green
  • Continuous good quality of foliage
  • High range of specific winter and summer products
  • 24 hour a day online ordering on our webshop
  • Fast delivery and good service
Adomex International B.V.
Decoratieve afbeelding


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