Green is the prime
color of the world

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    Adomex Uithoorn

    Adomex Headoffice
    Randweg 119A
    1422 ND Uithoorn

    T: +31 (0) 297 381 180

    Adomex Aalsmeer

    Adomex Aalsmeer & Export
    Legmeerdijk 313
    Locatie number: C001-58
    1431 GB Aalsmeer

    T: +31 (0) 297 231 290

    Adomex Rijnsburg

    Adomex Rijnsburg
    Laan van Verhof 3
    Straat D1.30, D1.38 | Dock D1.54
    2231 BZ Rijnsburg

    T: +31 (0) 71 8200 973

    Adomex Naaldwijk

    Adomex Naaldwijk
    Venus 356
    Dock 352/353/354/355
    2675 LP Honselersdijk

    T: +31 (0)174 890 050

    Adomex Ede

    Adomex Ede
    Wellensiekstraat 4
    Box 6
    6718 XZ Ede

    T: +31 (0) 6 11 43 25 59

    Decoratieve achtergrond Decoratieve achtergrond


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    • Find a broad and diverse assortment of beautiful decoration green 
    • Adomex offers more then cut and decoration green. We also provide preserved and painted products and natural decoration articles
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