Get to know OrcaExotics, a new addition to the well-known Orca label. With a beautiful selection of exotic flowers mainly from South Africa, OrcaExotics is an exclusive brand of Adomex. The brand is a must-have for flower professionals who value reliability and superior quality. 


Adomex builds strong relationships with carefully selected South African growers and suppliers, ensuring a reliable and constant supply of good quality flowers. The striking sleeve quickly becomes a favorite choice among wholesalers and florists looking for exotic additions to their arrangements. 

South African assortment 

The OrcaExotics assortment is largely sourced from the beautiful landscapes of the Cape Province of South Africa, a region known for its diverse and beautiful flora. These exotic flowers, originating from the varied terrains of this floral country, are testament to the beauty of the region. Adomex ensures that South African products of good quality are available in various sizes and packaging.  




The Protea, a plant species that is typically native to South Africa, is a symbol of beauty and diversity. It is the national flower of South Africa and forms the centerpiece of the fynbos, a unique and biodiverse form of vegetation that is mainly found in the Cape region. 

The name ‚Protea‘ comes from the Greek god Proteus, who had the gift to change shape. This name is aptly chosen as the Proteaceae family counts as many as about 1,600 species, of which more than 300 fall under the ‚Protea‘. This highlights the amazing diversity in shape, color and size. 

Proteas are loved worldwide in our sector for their striking and exotic appearance. They are used in bouquets, as cut flowers, and as additional decoration at events. 


Leucospermum, better known as the ‚pincushion‘, is a striking member of the Proteaceae family, originally from South Africa. This special plant is an integral part of the fynbos, one of the most biodiverse habitats on earth, located in the Cape region. 

The Leucospermum genus includes about 50 species, each with their unique beauty. These plants are known for their bright, brightly colored flowers that range from yellow and orange to red and pink. 

Like other members of the Proteaceae family, Leucospermum has developed adaptations to survive in the harsh conditions of the South African wilderness. They are resistant to drought and poor soils, and many species are serotinous, meaning they release their seeds after fires to benefit from the fertile ash-rich soil. 


Leucadendron is another impressive member of the Proteaceae family from South Africa. It belongs to the striking flora of the fynbos, a type of vegetation located in the Cape region, one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. 

There are about 80 species in the Leucadendron genus, representing a range of colors, shapes and sizes. Characteristic of Leucadendrons are the colorful, cone-shaped inflorescences that give the plants their usual name.  

Cape Green 

Cape green, also known as Cape fynbos, is a unique vegetation found in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The area is known for its rich biodiversity and beautiful landscapes. Within the Cape Green there are different varieties, each with their own characteristics and beauty.


Another striking variety is the Erica. Erica’s are shrubby plants with small, needle-like leaves and flowers that range in color from white and pink to purple. They thrive in the acidic, well-drained soil of the Cape fynbos and contribute to the diversity of the ecosystem.

In addition to Erica’s, many other varieties can be found, such as Brunia and various types of grasses. Each of these flowers contributes to the unique and varied beauty of the Cape Green.

Decoratieve achtergrond Decoratieve achtergrond


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