Complaints and claims

Adomex stands for service and quality. And yet, it is possible that customers do not receive the service or quality that they are accustomed to. We would like to know this information in order to continue to serve you better. 


Do you have a complaint, but do not wish to discuss it with your sales representative? For an overview of our locations and employees, click on Contact.


As all of our products are fresh in order to serve our clients, claims must be confirmed in writing (preferably via E-mail) within 24 hours of delivery. You can report defects by telephone, but we always recommend that you confirm the complaint in writing.

Step 1: Reporting complaints
When reporting complaints, keep the packing slip with the following information near at hand:

  • Your order number
  • Date the product was delivered

Step 2: Complaint confirmation
Please include the following information in your written confirmation:

  • Order or invoice number
  • Delivery date
  • Claimed quantity
  • Deviation
  • Packaging information:
    • Box code
    • AWB number (if available)
    • Bar code number
    • Brand name
  • If available, provide photos to illustrate the problem to support the information. 
Important information
  • If you notice that your product is damaged, don’t throw it away! The claimed product must be returned to Adomex pending Adomex’s decision. Adomex may decide that the products can be destroyed without returning them.
  • The terms and conditions of the Vereniging van Groothandelaren in Bloemisterijproducten (Flower Products Wholesaler Association) apply to all goods and services provided by Adomex.
  • For more information on the terms and conditions, see Incoterms terms and conditions.

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