Coral fern,

Gleichenia Polypodioides

Names: Coral Fern or Gleichenia Polypodioides
Length: 45 cm
Country of origin: South Africa
Availability: all year round
Range: Orca

The story of

Coral Fern (also called Gleichenia polypodiodes) originates at teh bottom of the pine forests in the Southern Cape of South Africa. It grows in a rocky landscape where it rains a lot, especially along the coast.

Did you know?

That Coral Fern is also called ‚coastal fern‘, or Kystervaring? Kyster means ‚coast‘ in Danish. Another name is ‚Ystervaring. Yster is Danish for ‚iron‘. This refers to the bare, brown tough stems.

Koraalvaren boeket

Gleichenia polypodioides
or Coral Fern

Koraal werkschuur

Where does Coral Fern grow?

This is a pioneer species in pine plantations. The ferns often form a dense and impenetrable thicket. Pickers have to search carefully for the best quality. Harvesting of Coral Fern is done by hand and the selected stems are bundled in the forest. Each harvested leaf must meet certain criteria such as color, shape, size and curing. Only then does it meet the sales standards. The bundles are immediately put in water in the forest to keep the product fresh.

From field to bouquet

As this is a natural process, there is no watering, fertilization, except when harvesting. One of the major risks for the pickers of Coral Fern is forest fire. If the pine trees suffer too much damage after a fire and the burned trees are removed, the ferns cannot grow. This is partly because optimal growth takes place under the shade of the pines. After a fire, it takes many years for the ferns to return to their old size.

The cycle from one harvest to the next is about 10 to 12 months. This helps to maintain a sustainable harvesting regime.

Koraalvaren decoratie

Green Inspiration

Coral fern is a very elegant ornamental green that is very suitable for floral arrangements. On the border of fall and winter, coral foliage is just what we need. The fragile, repeating leaf looks like a small tree. Place a lot of them together and you create an elegant forest. Painted, sprayed with snow or
in it’s natural simplicity, this is always an eye-catcher ! A nice side effect is that the Coral Leaf dries naturally and therefore retains its shape. Long lasting.

Decoratieve achtergrond Decoratieve achtergrond


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