Cape greens,

Collective name for all native flora growing in the
Cape Flower Region

Range: Albiflora green, Baubles, brunia silver & red, platystars, tortum, plumosum & mixed bunches
Length: 40 to 50 cm
Country of origin: South Africa
Availability: Most Cape Greens are available year round, but the greatest variety is concentrated from September to December.

The story of

In the flower industry, Cape Green is used as a collective name for ‘Fynbos’ which is used as cut flower and is harvested in the ‘wild mountains’.
Fynbos is the general term for all native flora growing in the Cape Flower Region in South Africa, including Protea, Leucadendron, Albiflora, Berzelia, Leucospermum etc.

Cape Greens

Oogsten van kaaps groen

Where does Cape Greens grow ?

Most Cape Green grows and is harvested in the wild. Due to the high cultivation costs, it is not grown on farms. The downside of this is that during the dry summer months wildfires can pose a threat and destroy huge areas of fynbos. The vegetation will grow again, but it will take 4 to 8 years before harvesting is possible again. This has a negative effect on the product range.  It is also very hard on the people who make their money picking Cape Green from these areas.

Cape Flower Regio

Stretching from the Cape Peninsula to Eastern Cape, the Cape Flower Region is unparalleled  in terms of flower power.

By area it accounts for less than 0.5% of the entire African continent, yet the Cape Flower Region possesses an astonishing 20% of its flora, the majority of which is native to this particular region.

The abundance of plants in the Cape Flower Region has proudly placed South Africa among the world’s top-rated sites for biodiversity. Much of this rich, natural heritage cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. With an area of over 90,000 km2, it is estimated that every 1000 km2 of this flower kingdom contains as many as 465 different species.

Kaaps groen verwerking

Green Inspiration

These Cape green varieties are ideal for Christmas bouquets. Leucadendron Tortum, for example, is available in silver and also in red,
and the buds of Brunia Silver are again very much like snowflakes.

Decoratieve achtergrond Decoratieve achtergrond


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