The charming first-class fillers of OrcaFloral

Adomex is proud to announce that its trusted OrcaGreen brand and exclusive OrcaExotics brand have been joined by a third quality label: OrcaFloral. This charming new product collection comprises a series of ‘fillers’ that add volume and texture to bouquets and floral arrangements. These fillers from OrcaFloral are a valuable addition to our range for floral professionals for whom reliability and quality throughout their entire range is a priority.

A constant flow of first-class fillers

OrcaFloral has joined OrcaGreen and OrcaExotics as the third brand of the Adomex Orca quality label. The OrcaFloral fillers are imported primarily from Kenya and Ecuador, two countries that are renowned for their breathtaking landscapes filled with an unbelievable diversity of flora. We have joined forces with several carefully selected growers in these countries who cultivate, harvest, check, cut, sort and package these jewels of Mother Nature with the greatest care. Together we guarantee excellent quality and continuous availability in different sizes and packaging.

Colourful and varied

When it comes to fillers there is a very wide and very varied choice. It ranges from small and airy to large and leaf shaped and includes every imaginable colour. This variety helps florists and designers create unique and exciting designs. The very popular fillers include Gypsophila, Solidago, Hypericum, Lepidium, Statice, Waxflower and Limonium all of which add their own unique charm to a floral arrangement.




Delicate and dreamy Gypsophila

Its delicate and airy appearance makes Gypsophila, in the Netherlands also known as gipskruid, a much loved flower in the world of bouquets and floral arrangements. The clouds of tiny white or pale pink flowers on tangled stems make Gypsophila a perfect filler for almost every creation. No surprise then that Gypsophila, or Baby’s Breath to give it its common name, has long been one of the most popular cut flowers. Gypsophila is a genus of flowering plants in the carnation family, Caryophyllaceae, which includes around 150 species. Gypsophila is native to Eurasia, but is also found in Australia and Africa. The name ‘Gypsophila’ comes from the Greek and reflects the plants’ preference for chalky soils.

For its OrcaFloral label Adomex imports the exceptionally large, pure white and fast growing variety, XLENCE®, from its partners in Kenya and Ecuador. These countries have the perfect climate and altitude (2,250 and 2,500 metres respectively) needed to encourage good growth. Our growers let the young cuttings root on their farms and then plant them out in the field when they are about 12 weeks old. Harvesting the stems begins 14 weeks later. The plants will produce up to three harvests depending on the soil conditions. After harvesting the bushy stems are taken to heated greenhouses where, partly through the addition of water and sugar, they achieve the desired stage of ripeness. The stems are then sorted carefully according to their weight and quality, cooled, packed in bunches and air freighted to the Netherlands.

OrcaFloral Gypsophila is available all year round in various weights: 20, 30 and 40 grams per stem. Whether Gypsophila shines as a soloist or is a cast member of a mixed bouquet, it retains its beauty for a long time and adds a charming, dreamy cloud to every arrangement. The voluminous filler symbolises purity, innocence and eternal love, which is why it is often used as a bridal flower. Keep Gypsophila in relatively high humidity to prevent drying out. The flowers can also be dried.


Colourful and playful Hypericum

Hypericum, also known as St. John’s Wort, is a beautiful addition to bouquets and floral arrangements. The stems carry bunches of small berries in shades of red, pink, orange, green, white or brown depending on the variety. Hypericum not only adds volume and colour to every floral arrangement, it also adds a playful element. Which is why florists and designers like to brighten up their floral creations by using Hypericum to add a splash of colour and texture.

The Adomex OrcaFloral Hypericum is grown in Kenya at an altitude of 2,250 meters and in Ecuador at around 2,500 metres. The cultivation requires careful management. After 32 weeks the stems are harvested and sorted according to their length. After processing the bunches are placed in the cold room to hydrate and cool before being packed in OrcaFloral sleeves and taken to the airport.

Adomex offers OrcaFloral Hypericum all year round, but the stems are most in demand during the winter season. Our range includes several varieties like Magical Red Wine, Magical Royal Princess, Magical Snow Prince, Magical Triumph, Magical Seasons, Magical Green Revival, Magical Green Power and Magical Lightning. An interesting fact: Hypericum flowers are always yellow, whatever the eventual colour of the berries. Add the versatility and colour of Hypericum to your range and surprise your customers with these beautiful fillers.

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