Name: Gypsophila
Length: 60 to 85 cm
Adomex imports from: Ecuador
Availability: all year round

The story of

Gypsophila is a crop that comes from grower Danziger from Israel. They are responsible for developing new varieties and commercializing them. As soon as a farm requests planting material, they send fresh young cuttings to be rooted on the farm.

The rooting process takes about 12 weeks, after which these plants will start producing new cuttings. These branches are harvested and kept in the open field for flower production.


A cloud of a flower

Gyps plantages

Where does Gypsophila grow ?

The production cycle until the first stems are ready for harvest is 14 weeks. After that, harvesting takes place for another three weeks from the total amount of stems produced.

After the harvest period is over, the grower prunes the Gypsophila plants to the bottom and new shoot comes in to produce a new cycle of flower production. Depending on the soil conditions, the plants can be harvested up to three times and then they will have to be replaced with new plants, after biological soil inspection and treatment.

After the workers have harvested the stems, they are placed in nets with 20 stems each. Then the stems are moved to heated greenhouses where they are left for 8 days to allow the flowers to open and bloom. After this process is completed, the flowers are taken to the sorting area.

From field to bouquet

In the sorting room, the staff starts to select the stems one by one according to the quality parameters previously established by the company. These qualities are Premium (40 grams per stem), Extra (30 grams per stem) and Select (20 grams per stem).

All leaves must be removed from each stem. One person can sort about 140 stems per hour. After this process has been completed, the stems are put together in bundles of 25 stems or at the request of the customer: then each bunch is checked on a scale to see if it has reached the weight required for export.

After the sorting process is completed, the workers take the flowers to the cooling storage where they will remain for a minimum of 8 hours to cool to 3 degrees Celsius. Then the bunches of Gypsophila are packed in boxes, ready for transport to the airport.

Green Inspiration

With Gypsophila there are so many possibilities! This dreamy flower can shine on its own, but it also easily takes a mixed bouquet to a higher level. You recognize the many pink or white flowers that spread widely, creating a dreamy cloud of flowers. The flowers remain beautiful for a long time and are available all year round. Because it is such a good ‚filler‘, this ‚filler‘ is often used in bouquets.
In fact, it was in the top 10 of most popular cut flowers for years.

Decoratieve achtergrond Decoratieve achtergrond


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