Xerophyllum tenax

Names: Beargrass, squaw grass, soap grass, quip-quip, Indian Basket grass or Xerophyllum tenax
Length: 75/80 cm
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Availability: All year round
Available: Orca, Green Beauty, Pure

The story of

Xerophyllum tenax or Beargrass, is a grass-like perennial that actually belongs to the Lily family. Other common names are squaw grass, soap grass, quip-quip and Indian Basket grass.

The grass can reach a height of 150 cm and grows in clusters. The grassy leaves are olive in color and grow from the base of the stem and look like a fan. The creamy white saucer-shaped flowers of the grass grows on a stem and resemble a vanilla ice cream cone! They grow in July and August and have a sweet aroma. Beargrass is ecologically important because it is a fire-resistant variety. It is often the first plant to sprout after a forest fire.


Xerophyllum tenax
or Beargrass

Beargrass cutting

Where does Beargrass grow?

Beargrass is found in open woodlands and meadows in the western United States; from British Columbia to California, from sea level to 2,100 meters. It grows a lot under Alpine Larch and White Bar Pine.

Pickers pick the grass and bring it to our suppliers in large bales. where the grass is cleaned and bound in smaller clumps. The product is available all year round, although there are periods when some forests / areas close to give the new growth rest.

From green to off-white

Native Americans in British Columbia, Oregon and Washington State have traditionally made baskets from the stems and roots of the beargrass. When the grass is dried in the sun, it turns creamy white in color. Combined with materials of other colors, beautiful designs are woven into the baskets. The root of the grass also has a medicinal effect, they are styptic.

Beargrass bouquet

Green Inspiration

The starting point is green, look at the shape of the leaf, it says so much about the final appearance. The grass provides movement, for the swinging note in your bouquet. Folded beargrass is also a creative use for any arrangement.

Decoratieve achtergrond Decoratieve achtergrond


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