Adomex signs FSI 'membership certificate'

Adomex signs FSI 'membership certificate'
26th July 2018 - Adomex International BV has joined the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). At the headoffice of Adomex in Uithoorn, Anton Klunder, Managing Director of Adomex International B.V. and Jeroen Oudheusden, Floriculture Sustainability Initiative, signed recently the 'membership certificate'.

Adomex, supplier of cut- and decorative foliage, recently joined Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). FSI and its affiliated members have been working together since 2013 on the continuous improvement of the sustainability of ornamental plants. The goal, in 2020 must be 90% of all the product delivered by the participants 'responsibly produced and traded'.
Adomex and responsible business
Not only from a commercial point of view, but also because we support 'Green Powers!' and we work on all kinds of sustainable certifications and partnerships, including FSI.
Adomex deliberately opts for sustainable cultivation. The greener, the better. We work closely together with our partners, growers and customers. This enables us to improve production, environmental regulations and (local) working conditions. We think sustainable entrepreneurship is important. Sustainable developments require a good balance between ecological, economic and social interests.
Adomex International BV
Adomex International is an importer and exporter of cut- and decorative fiolage and supplies all popular types of cut green, such as Ledervaren, Phoenix roebelinii, Aspidistra and Salal and also many types of exclusive decorative foliage. Based on our knowledge and dedication, we work together with suppliers and customers on success. We do this with good products, information and innovation, because we believe in 'The Power of Green!'.
Since some time, Adomex also supplies decorative material under the motto 'Dare to be creative', decoration by Adomex.

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