This moodboard of inspirations shows you what green can do. We would love to inspire you with known and less known foliage like Leatherleaf, Salal, Aralia, Aspidistra, Cycas, Galax, Flexigrass and many more. Furthermore we publish a Green Inspiration on a regular basis, related to an event/season and/or a special day. With the Green Inspiration we show (inter)national florists "the Power of Green", suitable to the present time and trends. Let green inspire you! Discover new possibilities and see wat green can do.



Green Inspiration

Leatherleaf is a strong, leathery plant that can handle a lot! Leatherleaf is often used in combination with roses, but are you looking for a refreshing combination? Then use the Leatherleaf with, for example, a Calla! Would you like to order Leatherleafs directly? Shop the Leatherleaf by us in the webshop!