The Story of Lilygrass
Lilygrass with its long, narrow leaves has the Latin name 'Liriope muscari'. 'Liriope muscari' could be translated as 'the lily grass similar to blue grapes', because when the plant starts to bloom, the small grape-shaped blue flowers look like 'Muscari'.
Lilygrass is also called Monkeygrass, Bordergrass or Lilyturf.

'Lirope muscari' is originally from China, Japan, Taiwan and other parts of East Asia. We buy Lilygrass from our suppliers from Colombia and Costa Rica.
Where does Lilygrass grow?
Lilygrass grows preferably in moist soil with a little bit of sun.
This particular grass species grows on 'farms' and is therefore a cultivated product. Lilygrass grows with a 'shadow cloth' above it, this protects the product against the sun.
From field to bouquet
The Lilygrass will be cut off when it is on her right lenght. Then they are sent in bunches to the Netherlands.
Did you know
Lilygrass was previously used to treat metabolic diseases or neural disorders. For dry cough, dry tongue and mouth, insomnia and constipation, Lilygrass was also used to relieve the symptoms.