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This is the latest news of Adomex, importer and exporter of green foliage.
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Let green inspire you!
Discover new possibilities and see what green can do!
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This moodboard of inspirations shows you what green can do. We would love to inspire you with known and less known foliage like Leatherleaf, Salal, Aralia, Aspidistra, Cycas, Galax, Flexigrass and many more. Furthermore we publish a Green Inspiration on a regular basis, related to an event/season and/or a special day. With the Green Inspiration we show (inter)national florists "the Power of Green", suitable to the present time and trends. Let green inspire you! Discover new possibilities and see wat green can do.



We supply decoration green for every need and desire.
The product selection is organised to make it as easy as possible to find the right item.

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Adomex was the first company in the Netherlands that specialised in the decoration green market. We have experienced the developments from close up and made an important contribution. Decoration green is currently a serious product group within the flower growing trade. Adomex was founded in 1977. What started out small has grown to become a respected name in the industry. Our selection has expanded dramatically over the years and  our organisation can be characterised as very modern and professional.  

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