Adomex was the first company in the Netherlands that specialised in the decoration green market. We have experienced the developments from close up and made an important contribution. Decoration green is currently a serious product group within the flower growing trade.

Adomex was founded in 1977. What started out small has grown to become a respected name in the industry. Our selection has expanded dramatically over the years and  our organisation can be characterised as very modern and professional.  

Adomex has locations at all of the major Dutch flower auctions. This assures our clients of fast distribution and fresh products Adomex guarantees continuity, quality and progress.


A wealth of experience
Adomex is more than just a supplier of decoration green. Our customer base expands from wholesale to large export companies and flower shops in the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can act as a sounding board for our clients.

We are constantly looking for new products, innovations and suppliers for all who can deliver high-quality products in the quantities and packaging options that meet our clients’ needs and demands. We believe in the power of green.