Future Vision

We are convinced of the power of green. Green that strengthens our ties to nature, green that makes us happy. Green that gives us new energy and promotes well being. Cities are expanding and we spend more and more time indoors. Contact with nature is important and our bond with nature is inseperable. Green surroundings, a green living  and working environment, makes people feel good and has a positive effect on people’s health. This has been proven in many studies. It improves concentration, job satisfaction and productivity. Green, the colour, the plant, the leaf:  find and experience the power of green.

Our future vision
Adomex is ambitious and growing. We are constantly searching for new products, clients and markets. We expect that sustainability and responsible production will become increasingly important in the near future. Throughout the entire chain, because everything must be perfect.

Strategic trade partner
We show what green can do. Based on our expertise and devotion, we work together with our suppliers and clients to ensure success. We do that with good products, information and innovation. We also offer:

  • Traceability and quality control
  • Fast and efficient logistics
  • Customer-oriented custom solutions.

Our goals
The developments in the chain are progressing rapidly. We use automated processes and custom reporting to make our clients’ lives easier. Adomex looks to the future and is constantly investing in cooperation, fast distribution and blossoming connections.